Mission of Intercessory Prayer Initiative

For 29 years, Charisma magazine has been communicating what the Holy Spirit has been doing around the world. Through the years we added several other magazines such as Ministries Today and Spirit Led Woman to impact the body of Christ. During that time we have seen the power of prayer change situations in the church and the nations as believers agreed with God's priorities in prayer.

Our nation is in a season of war--both in the natural and in the spiritual. It is important that during this time that Christians begin to take our place in prayer and use the spiritual authority we have been given to pray as Jesus taught us in order to bring God's kingdom and will to earth. As believers agree in unity with the purposes of God, the power of God is released and we will see great signs and wonders in answer to our prayer.

Through our ministry of publishing, we are in regular communication with leaders across many streams in the Body of Christ and we hear prophetic insight that needs a response in prayer. Our purpose with this site it to connect intercessors with the prophetic words and prayer insights being released through prophetic ministry. There is a significance in the timing of God as we pray in response to prophetic direction.

The times are serious and there is an urgent need for believers to stand together in prayer for the will of God to be done in our nation and the nations of the earth. We believe we will see God's strategies and answers released into our nation and world as a result of our prayer. Join us and thousands of believers as we ask the Lord for His miraculous intervention